Welcome to Wijk Yacht Creation

The art of translating your idea into reality, that is our talent.
Wijk Yacht Creation stands for premium yacht design, focusing on every detail.

Our greatest strength is visual communication, which is one of the keys to succes in the process of top quality yacht building.

The company was founded in the Netherlands by Bart van der Wijk in 2007. Bart is a passionate sailor and surfer and translated his passion into work. After graduating in Industrial Design at Tony Castro Yacht Design he found the first client during a sailing regatta on the beach in their hometown The Hague. From there the start was made.

Merle Mudde, married with Bart on that same beach in The Hague is taking care of interior styling.

With the large order from a Chinese client for 18 boats, Lucas Post Uiterweer joined the team. With his background in Industrial Design and passion for sketching and boats he is an excellent designer.

With our background in Industrial Design, we take a slightly different view at the shipbuilding process, but speak the language of detailed design and of quality construction. In our design process we combine function, material, manufacturing and aesthetics.
Yacht animation

We¬†create tomorrow’s reality, this is on our mind today:

Visual communication

The art of visual communication is our talent! This is one of the keys to succes!

At Wijk Yacht Creation we have several ways for visual communication. We use different strategies during the design, construction and sales phase to suit the perspective of the viewer. One of the secrets in using the right visuals is based on personal, historical or ethical and cultural variations in perspective.

When visual communication is used in the right way, it is the most powerful tool to communicate your ideas. Imagine the efficiency when the owner and yard work with the same image and goal in mind.

Sharing the same perspective is essential for all parties involved during the process.

Interior Design

With the design brief as a starting point for the design, first we meet the request from the client regarding space and functionality. We learned from the best – our clients -, they know how they will use their boat. For this reason we have a large and inspiring network with captains, owners and shipping companies.

The interior determines the exact dimensions of our boats. We work from inside out.

Simple lines as an elegant start, finished with eye for many details. This is how we work.

Exterior design

We use the interior; the deck levels and stairs arrangement as a starting point for the exterior design.


Naval architecture

Step by step we work out the details, our workflow for naval architecture described:

– Systems diagrams and drawings, here we discuss the technical specifications with the yard and client and translate them into drawings.

– Weight calculation and center of gravity; From the system drawings, we analyse the position of the center of gravity and make a COG per system.

– Hull shape. With the COG and the total weight, the hull shape will be finilised. From here we virtually test trim and stability. When necessary, a speed prediction can be made.

– Construction. From the exact hull shape, the internal construction is drawn. We work out frames, longitudinals, horizontals and non orthogonal construction combined in our 3D assembly model which can be seen above.

Have a look in our portfolio and feel free to contact us for more information or comments.