At Wijk Yacht Creation we invite you to be part of the creation process.

The creation process consists of many detailed steps, for which we proudly developed an extensive workflow and fine-tuned this over years.

Join us and translate your vision into reality!




What kind of vessel are you looking for? Think about styling, purpose and the future. Together we discover your thoughts and translate this vision into a first concept design which can be used to communicate your ideas, to determine the budget and to find the right project partners.

We start with a 2D sketch and develop this through a profile and layout view into photo realistic 3D presentations. In this phase your vision will develop into the configuration that perfectly matches your ideas.


A ship is a system of systems. We start the naval architecture with a detailed overview of the position of the components required in the design.

From this overview we develop system drawings, work out the weight calculation and determine the first position of the center of gravity. A detailed and accurate weight calculation is the key for succes in design!

With the COG and the total weight, the hull shape will be finalized. From here we virtually test trim and stability.


The concept design is worked out into a 3D construction model. Many aspects will be considered and choices will be made. The end result is a 1:1 scale computer model and the output is delivered to start production.


With the design brief as a starting point for the design, first we meet the request from the client regarding space and functionality.

We learned from the best – our clients -, they know how they will use their boat. For this reason we have a large and inspiring network with captains, owners and shipping companies.

The interior determines the exact dimensions of our boats. We work from inside out.Simple lines as an elegant start, finished with eye for many details. This is how we work.

Gallery | our portfolio

Many of our projects are confidential. Fortunately we can present some very nice projects and award winning designs in our portfolio:

“life is the collection of memories and their intensity”


Jeffrey Escherich

Designer Engineer

Dick Bruins

Interim manager

Arie-Jan Kooij

Luc Bernard

Engineer & Naval Architect


Koen van den broek

Engineer & Naval Architect

Simon van den Berg

Designer & Engineer

CREATE your yacht

The first step is to describe the idea for the yacht. We start with a few questions. Then it is our task to provide inspiration, to show possibilities and to work out the idea.

Discuss the above summary with friends and experts from your or our network. Take your time and let your vision grow…