Exterior design

Together we design you perfect yacht, so that you can create your finest memories

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Together we discover your thoughts and translate this vision into a first concept design which can be used to communicate your ideas, to determine the budgets  and to find the right project partners.

We start with a 2D sketch and develop this through a general arrangement into a photo realistic 3D presentation. In this phase your vision will grow, the appearance will develop into the configuration that perfectly matches your ideas.

We use the interior; the deck levels and stairs arrangement as a starting point for the exterior design.


Photoshop Renderings


3D Renderings


360 Viewer


Virtual Reality





General Arrangement

First we listen, then we start working out the deck layouts. We sketch and combine the features you prefer. When the deck layouts are ready in concept we start drawing the profile view to design the exterior. The result is a preliminary general arrangement. The GA is the first step from thoughts to reality.

We design one General Arrangement per person or company a year for FREE! You probably ask yourself, why?

What we enjoy the most in our work is to see ideas being realized. It is priceless to work out a drawing and later actually stand in your drawing which has been realized. We would like to help you realizing your vision, to reach your goals.

To help your realize your dreams and translate your vision into reality please leave us a message and we will support you with the first step in the design process.

Photoshop & 3D Renderings


As industrial designers we are experienced in hand sketching and photoshop renderings. We learned from the best; Koos Eissen and Roselien Steur (www.sketching.nl) , publishers from the following books have been our teachers for years.

Improve communication with 3D Renderings

It helps for sales, increadibly, but also in the agreements between the yard and owner: The clearer the image, the better the agreements in the sales and production phase.
Wijk Yacht Creation offers you the service to convert your ‘general arrangement’ into a 3D presentation model with photorealistic renderings in various perspective views.

360 viewer

To help yards presenting their yachts to their clients we deliver various configurators. With these tools potential clients can personalise your yachts to their own taste. They also do this when they are looking into a new car or helicopter, why not with yachts?


Virtual Reality

We love the latest presentation developments. The possibilities are andless and grow day by day. Contact us if you are looking for something special. Some of our references:

A digital tour 

by Wijk Yacht Creations

  • We have sent a virtual walktrough of a custom designed yacht to one of our clients.
  • Download our app in the appstore ‘yacht gallery’ for Dutch Premium Yachts and discover the saloonboat in 3D on your IPAD or smartphone.
  • For maintenance we developed a 360 degree walkthrough with live information from our project management database.

Stand out with a hologram

We offer you the possibility to stand out from the competition!

The latest trend in 3D product presentation is ‘mixed reality’ , the holograms which we have been waiting for so long. Wijk Yacht Creation provides you the content to blow away your competitors.