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At Wijk Yacht Creation we help our clients with the creation process, we go further then design, we are able to deliver the full package. From orientation till delivery and after sales.

Our process exists of many detailed steps, we proudly developed an extensive workflow and fine-tuned this over years, all to translate your vision effectively into reality and to enjoy the results you desire!

exterior Design

Naval architecture

Detailed engineering

interior design




What kind of vessel are you looking for? Think about styling, purpose and the future. Together we discover your thoughts and translate this vision into a first concept design which can be used to communicate your ideas, to determine the budgets  and to find the right project partners.

Finding the right shipyard

We follow the specifications of the yacht and take this as the guide to find the most suitable yard. We have done this for private clients, commercial clients and the Dutch government.


The project management start from the first day you start the project. It covers many important subjects such as planning, quality control, insurance, responsibility, cashflow and risk management. A very important part of the project to get the desired result, in time and within the budget.

detailed design and engineering

The concept design is worked out into a 3D construction model. Many aspects will be considered and choices will be made. The end result is a scale 1:1 computer model and the output to start construction.

construction management

When the construction has been started we take care of the new build or refit management. We check if the yacht is being built as designed and as agreed in the specifications. Also this is the time to check if milestones and planning is on schedule.


We often organise client visits, and also the delivery is a moment to celebrate the end result. After the test trials (FAT, HAT and SAT), the vessel will be delivered to the owner with a ceremony.  After the delivery, the yacht will be transported to the location of clients choice. In the larger yachts, the captain and crew of the yacht take care of the delivery. For smaller vessels, transport can go via land, water or air. We took care of the transport for several 20 meter boats from Holland to China and everywhere in between.

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Bart van der Wijk

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Bart van der Wijk

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Merle Mudde

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Merle Mudde

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