Naval architecture

Together we design you perfect yacht, so that you can create your finest memories


we work out the details

Our workflow for naval architecture briefly described


A yacht is a system of systems. We start the naval architecture with a detailed overview of the position of the components required in the design. We start with the system drawings. From these drawings we make the weight calculation and determine the first position of the center of gravity. A detailed and accurate weight calculation is the key for succes in design!

Building kit

The car industry is very familiar with the integration of parts to reduce costs and production time. In collaboration with the yard, the welders and the outfitters we try to reduce labour where possible. Integration of parts, reduction of parts and collaboration during design leads to a reduction of construction costs.

Systems Diagrams & Drawings

Here we discuss the technical specifications with the yard and client and translate them into drawings.

Weight calculation and center of gravity

From the system drawings, we analyse the position of the center of gravity and make a COG per system.

Hull Shape

With the COG and the total weight, the hull shape will be finilised. From here we virtually test trim and stability. When necessary, a speed prediction can be made.


From the exact hull shape, the internal construction is drawn. We work out frames, longitudinals, horizontals and non orthogonal construction combined in our 3D assembly model which can be seen above..


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